Victorias Secret – New Products Now Online!

Victorias Secret – New Products Now Online!

I have just released new products Online! Amazing Beauty Products From Victorias Secret. The body mists especially are my personal favourites, I use them on a daily Basis. Although this is a blog post of my personal opinion on these products I am always open to your opinions too so don’t forget to leave a review!

Body Mist

The body mists are my favourite and I use them everyday, My ultimate favourite if i had to pick one is The Amber Romance mist and I even keep a spar bottle at work for when I’m working extra hard and need to top up my scent. The smells are subtle but long lasting and you can walk around safe in the knowledge the aura around you smells AMAZING! They last for a long time before you need to top up and dry really quickly so your not let with wet splashing all over your clothes.

Body Creams and Shower Gels

These smell just as amazing as the sprays and leave your skin feeling silky smooth for hours and hours after use. I would highly recommend these to any, they could even be ok on sensitive skin to a point, but I would be careful because they are highly fragranced.

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