Late To The Party – Urban Decay

So I tried Urban Decay and loved it!

Urban Decay

In case you haven’t already guessed I love make up, and why on earth have I never bothered using urban decay before since it’s a such a popular brand world wide. Why wouldn’t I use it it’s cruelty free and amazing (I have only recently noticed), I’ve always used MAC and morphe and I own the odd too faced palette but Urban Decay never really appealed to me before so I never went there. And from one of my last posts as u can see I sent the other half to buy me some makeup and he bought me the Urban Decay Moondust Palette which is amazing.

Like getting a facial from a unicorn – Credit Jack Leonard

Here you have my opinion BUY URBAN DECAY!

Moondust palette the shimmer the glitter, amazing! The fallout, non existent. Its incredible. My advice though to get the most from the shimmery glitter in this palette use a slightly damp brush or your finger rather than a dry brush as it doesn’t apply amazingly well directly from a dry brush. maybe even use a little concealer or glue on your eye first (by glue i mean cosmetic glue, please do not grab the PVA from your younger brothers craft box and start glueing it to you lid, I beg you please! – Sorry a little off topic, but it happens I promise.)Urban Decay

Colour Choice: 6/10 – only 8 colours in the palette, a bi of a let down

Pigmentation: 4/10 – Doesn’t apply well but once in place after a few do overs its GLITTER!!!

Price Affordability: 7/10 – at only £35 its a must compared to some highly priced make up out there.

Full spectrum – Pick a colour. OMG! I can’t decide!

Ok so i have to admit, After buying this palette it took me a little while to pluck up the courage to try these colours out. I am no pro MUA or beauty blogger that applies make up on the daily then blogs about it, no, I’m just average girl, the average twenty something (sorry not going there) that has an addiction to buying makeup. So this palette was a little daunting was i going to look like 1990’s Brittany Spears with bright blue eye shadow all over my eyelid. NO! I tried look after look and it appears with practice I have developed this skill, and its called blend, blend, blend and believe it or not you can get some awesome edgy looks as well as neutral everyday looks from this palette alone. I am so impressed Urban Decay!


Urban DecayColour Choice :9/10 – come one their are a fair few palettes with a lot more colours out their.

Pigmentation: 10/10 – AMAZING! That is all!

Price (Affordability): 6/10 (although is did get mine on sale at £25 – 10/10) – At full price its a little pricy at around £50 but on sale i can’t complain!


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