About me


I’m Regan, a self-proclaimed average girl.

My name is pronounced like the former President Reagan’s, and if you think that it should be said with the ‘e’ sound like in vegan, I agree. I do like “Reagan” better, though, so we’re sticking with it.

A fun fact about President Reagan and I; we both like Star Wars, just different kinds.

I aspire to be a vegan, a gym junkie, a minimalist, a traveller, a quadra-cat owner, and an activist for for issues like inequality, animal abuse and doing better for the planet. The thing is, I am none of these things, and I am doing none of these things.

I’ve always felt like I was sub-par, and little Regan’s belief that one day this redeeming wall of motivation would wash over me and suddenly I would get myself in the shape I’ve always wanted to be in, start all the projects I’ve always wanted to start, and I would be the person I’ve always wanted to be.

It never happened.

A little while ago, I was reading Mark Manson’s famous ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’ (yes I included a link. Go read that book, damn it) and a one line really stuck out to me;

‘Action isn’t just the effect of motivation; it’s also the cause of it.’

A lot of moments in that book were “wow” moments for me, but that one especially hit me in the you-were-wrong-all-along button.

So here we are. I sat around with this project in my head for months. Finally I got a desk job where I don’t have a ton to do for most the day, and I actually got bored of Pinterest. I kid you not. I didn’t think it could happen either.

I said to myself ‘you can be bored all day and avoid doing something you’ve wanted to do forever, or you can just do it” (insert Shia LaBeouf’s beautiful face here)

I have to say that so far, I’m really enjoying the process.

A couple of things about me, then. I think one of my best features is my humor, I love cats and dogs equally, I’m a vegetarian, and attempting (mostly failing) to be vegan. I love makeup, and am still learning to do it and improving at it.My favorite physical activities are kickboxing and snowboarding, long boarding and swimming.

I graduated in 2017, and I was not valedictorian (not by a long shot).

I’m very inspired by my mom; we have conversations for hours about anything and everything, and she has taught me so much.

About this blog

This blog is meant to be about me becoming a more-than-average girl.I want to document my journey from point A to B, to C all the way to Z.

I also want to have a log of the cools things I’ve done and accomplished. I want to look back on that trip to japan I have yet to go on, or the first time I’ll be able to do a pull up.

I also love having a place to put my thoughts. My mom and I, as I’ve mentioned before, have had lots of talks where I went “does anyone else feel like this?” I think there are.

I am also really interested in starting a blog, figuring out what it takes to put it together, and try my hand at running my own business. It may not look like it, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, so much so that sometimes I feel my brain exploding with all the things I need to do.

I really want to stick to a project that is completely mine, and watch it grow and thrive. I want to make something I can be proud of, and in doing that, I’ll have gotten just a little bit than the average girl I was yesterday.

I really hope you enjoy what you read, and I hope I inspire you to get to that project you’ve been sitting on forever. Remember: action breeds motivation, so do and the will to do will follow.