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Nudes Look Box – 6 Full Size Items to Create one Amazing No Makeup Makeup Look

Nudes Look Box Here it is! Nudes Look Box, My first Sneak Peek at my nudes look in a box! 6 Amazing makeup items that go great together to create the nude No make up Make up Look! My First Look in a box is here (Release Date Friday 23rd June 2017) there is a […]

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My Eyebrows Are on Point, Today Will Be A Good Day!

On a normal day i’d get up around 40 mins early for work to do my make up, but the part i usually rush and pay less attention too is my eyebrows, I usually just quickly pencil in the lines then fill them in with a brush, this morning however I made an effort. After […]

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Glee! The world would be better if everyone solved their problems with song!

So I watched glee when I was younger, from day 1 right up until the end and I loved it. Recently I’ve decided to binge watch all 6 seasons over the next few weeks, I am currently half way through season 2 and I forgot how amazing it is! Life in Glee is simple (oh […]

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