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Arthur Needs Your Help!!

Hi Guys, I don’t usually do this but this is a story close to my heart (as seen in my previous post I have a Rottweiler myself and they are the loveliest dogs), Arthur The Rottweiler was handed in at my local dog shelter he has been passed from home to home in his short two […]

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Zombie Survival Week.

So this week i am obsessing over zombie survival, I’ve recently watched the new Dead Rising movie and it got me all excited over the next season of walking dead towards the end of the year and have decided to re watch all 6 seasons during the summer before the next one starts. So for […]

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Zombie Survival Week: Have You Had ‘The Talk’

So we all have the conversation every now and again, what would we do if there was a zombie apocalypse, and we all make up some extravagant plan as to what we would do if one day it happened, but have you had the ‘if i got bit what would you do’ conversation. So surely […]

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