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Apology – I have been far too quiet

Official Apology So time for an apology, as you have probably noticed you haven’t heard from me in a while, well firstly i would like to apologise massively to all my readers! It’s been a long hard few months! Although there has been many understandable reasons why I haven’t been around much lately I am […]

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Gaming Widows – My Advice To You All

So You’re a gaming widow? You might want to continue reading… Too often you hear the female side of a relationship saying: ‘Oh He plays way to much Xbox’ ‘He spends to much time gaming’ ‘He never pays me attention, he’s always on his Playstation’ Have you ever thought that’s how he likes to spend […]

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Top Ten Week

Hi Guys so i will officially start top ten week next week from Monday. I have spent most of this week writing up amazing content for you in my spare time. Firstly though i need to apologize. I have not posted for a few weeks I’ve been having a hard time health wise at the moment […]

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