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Apology – I have been far too quiet

Official Apology So time for an apology, as you have probably noticed you haven’t heard from me in a while, well firstly i would like to apologise massively to all my readers! It’s been a long hard few months! Although there has been many understandable reasons why I haven’t been around much lately I am […]

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The Great Northern Wedding Show!

Ok so this weekend I took a trip to The Great Northern Wedding Show at Bolton arena, and it was fun! I really think I’ve nearly finished planning now! I get frustrated though because when ever I go to one of these events, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a previous post I come home thinking […]

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wedding wars

Wedding Wars!

As a woman I’m sure it’s normal (Well hopefully) to get competitive when it comes to your wedding. Especially when someone you ever so slightly dislike is getting married more or less at the same time as you give or take a month or so. Well this is happening to me! It started off a […]

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