December Goals

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out this is a goal-oriented blog. If not, then welcome! My about page is here. My hope is that I can help you out with whatever you’re striving towards, by helping myself achieve my goals.

In my post about achieving success when you feel like you have no time, I advise that you narrow down the things you’re working on.

That’s what I plan to do in today’s post.

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ve most likely also noticed a couple of things about me, too.  Like the fact that I’m bad at planning. Really bad at planning. The thing is that I know how to plan. I just need  to sit down and actually put my money where my mouth is.

My first goal then, which isn’t so much of a December goal, but a goal for this blog, is to sit down, write out, and plan a couple goals at the beginning of every month. That way, a year from now, I will be that much less average than what I happen to be right now.

1. Make two blog posts a week

This blog is a very special new beginning for me. Because it’s just launched, I thought it would be appropriate to set this goal for myself, as well as let you know when to expect new posts.

My first december goal is to get myself into the routine of creating posts bi-weekly (the two times a week sort of bi-weekly, I mean).

This should be easy. That gives me about three and a half days to write a post. With the time I spend waffling around on pinterest, though, who knows?

2. Work out at least four times a week

This month I won’t really be giving myself any eating goals, like I imagine I will throughout the months to come. The reason for this is that Christmas is coming, and I don’t want to rob myself of all the deliciousness that comes with it.

I am also currently trying to eat healthy anyways, so I’ll try and keep that up as best as I can.

I once heard a saying that goes “It isn’t what you do between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s what you do between New Year’s and Christmas.” I like that saying a lot, mostly because it gives me a free pass.

But I would like to work out at least four times a week while i commit horrible debaucheries on my intestines. The worst thing I could do for myself would be let my muscles atrophy while also shoving gingerbread cookies in my cookie hole.

I plan to do this over my lunch breaks (I get two or three a week) and working out either saturday, or saturday and sunday depending on how many lunches I have off.

3. Somehow survive this holiday season with my wallet intact.

I’m kidding. Or am I?

This is a pretty niche goal as it doesn’t have to do with something that I’m always working towards. I am always working to be more financially smart, but I’m not usually buying gifts for people anymore, like I mentioned in my post “Why I’m broke despite having a well-paying job”

As a wannabe-minimalist, I would like to place a focus on being with friends and family this Christmas.

There are some people who will expect gifts, and I will get some things for people, but I would like these holidays to be less about getting things and more about spreading the love.

Okay, Hippie rant over.

4.  Actually participate in holiday festivities.

I never really get myself into the Holiday spirit before Christmas is actually here.

I want to make a gingerbread house, and make a snowman. I want to have a snowball fight, and drink hot chocolate by the fire. And you know I’ll be listening to Elvis Presley: The Classic Christmas Album until I’m sick to death of it.

I want these Holidays to be memorable. They’re my first as an adult who doesn’t live at home, and the first I have with my boyfriend. I want them to be special this year.

Are you sick of the cheese here yet? Good, me too.

If you stuck around this long, thank you! I really appreciate it. I hope it inspires you to make a list of goals to complete this December, too. Even a month from now, if you put your mind towards your goals, you’ll be that much closer to leading the life you want to.

I really hope you enjoy yourself this Holiday season, and if I stick to my goals, I’ll be seeing you around real soon!

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